Main features & Overview


With the new SieiDrive - AGy…-KBL-AC4 series, Gefran introduces into the market a dedicated series of Sensorless Drive for asynchronous motors for “lift” applications.

Flexible and with a dedicated SW, AGy guarantees powerful solutions in all the “lift” applications up to 1m/s in open loop and over with closed loop.

A simple programming structure offers a quick motor “start-up” either through the simple use of the standard keypad or using the “E@syDrives” PC tool.

Available with a wide power range, with a modular structure and dedicated options, AGy is excellent for efficient configurations and economically competitive solutions. 

Motor parameters self tuning
Programmable and predefined V/f curve
Electronic thermal control for the motor and drive
Integrated Lift sequences
Integrated Lift sequence for brake
Fan control logic management (from 4kW up to 55kW)
Integrated logic functions

Battery Emergency Supplier for passenger evacuation
CANopen / DeviceNet integrated
I/O expansion card
120Vac digital input interface card
ProfiBusDP interface card
Dedicated EMC filters (in compliance with CEE-EN 61800-3:2004)
Input and Output chokes (standardized for the whole line)
Braking resistors (standardized for the whole line)
NEMA 1 type protection


Sensorless Vector Inverter for “lift” applications, from 0.75 to 160 kW (1 to 200Hp)
* 3 x 230V…480V 50/60Hz
* Motor power ratings from 0.75kW (1Hp) to 160kW (200Hp)
* New installation and Retrofitting
* Speed range up to 1m/s with open loop
* Speed range up to 1.5m/s with closed loop
* IP20 protection degree as standard (drive predisposition for IP54 mounting)
Marks: CE, UL, cUL

Emergency working procedure with 48/96Vdc voltage battery pack (from 4kW up to 55kW)
Space-Vector control Open-loop & Closed-loop
Output frequency 500Hz
Integrated braking module up to 15kW (option up to 55kW)
Programming keypad (Alphanumeric as option)
RS485 serial port (ModbusRTU, Jbus)
Up to 18 programmable analogue-digital I/Os in PNP and/or NPN
Overload capability up to 200%
16 Multispeed and 4 Multiramp sets Linear, indipendent Jerk and S)
Adaptative gain of speed regulation
Interfacing with the most common field bus interfaces: Profibus (Profidrive) - CANopen – DeviceNet
Programming PC “E@syDrives” SW for simple commissioning


Gefran product range brochure
XVy-EV, AVy, AGy-EV Size 3
XVy-EV, AVy, AGy-EV Size 1
XVy-EV, AVy, AGy-EV Size 2
XVy-EV, AVy, AGy-EV Size 4
XVy-EV, AVy, AGy-EV Size 5
XVy-EV, AVy, AGy-EV Size 6
XVy-EV, AVy, AGy-EV Size 7_110
XVy-EV, AVy, AGy-EV Size 7_90
XVy-EV, AVy, AGy-EV Size 8
AGyLift V3, Instruction manual
ARS-485, Supply interface
ENC-ADPT, Encoder connection adapter
EXP-D14A4F, Analog I/O Expansion
EXP-D16, Digital I/O Expansion
EXP-D20A6, Analog I/O Expansion
EXP-D6A1R1-AGy, Instruction manual
EXP-D8-120, I/O interface card
EXP-D8R4, Digital I/O Expansion
EXP-E, 1 optocoupled encoder data repeater TTL (@5V) and HTL (@15….24V) with zero channel
EXP-ENC-AGy, Digital encoder input expansion
EXP-FI, 1 digital encoder input with zero channel and Encoder qualifier input
EXP-FIH, 1 optocoupled digital encoder input 15V/24V
EXP-FIO, 1 digital encoder input and Encoder qualifier input, 1 encoder data repeater
EXP-FO, 1 encoder data repeater TTL (@5V) with zero channel
EXP-RES, Resolver interface
MW22, Automatic rescue system UPS
PCI-COM, interface
SBI-COP/DN-AGy, CANopen-DevicNet interface card
SBI-PDP-AGy/QX, Profibus -DP Interface card
1S9C47, AGyL ver 3.04 (Note: need E@syDrives 2.41 or higher)
Lift Tool, Verify which SIEIDrive Lift Gefran inverter is ideal for your application and how much you can save with our solutions!