The Gefran way

What does it mean to be Gefran?

Reflecting on our identity makes us aware of the significance of the Gefran brand. It enables us to tell the company's story, to get closer to our clients, to attract new talents and keep our reputation high on the market and in the community. Who we are, what we want, and how we do it: this is the Gefran way. A compass to guide ourselves and also a yardstick to measure the coherence between what we say and what we do.

The Gefran way directs how we make decisions every day, in every area of our company and in reference to each process. It inspires the style we use to collaborate, the way we work with our clients, and shows us where we can improve and develop our skills so that they are increasingly aligned with our way of operating. The Gefran way describes the experience we want to offer our stakeholders. It is the reference point we rely on when we want to convey value and trust, so that in our company everyone can really make a difference and be an essential part of our work.

To convey this, Gefran owns and makes available the code of its own style: through a distinctive graphic and visual identity, together we can build the story that characterizes our communication strategy. In every aspect, through media and social media, in our personal contact and relations, the Gefran way is our guideline and the model we use for reference.


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