Health and welfare

We provide our employees with a very varied Corporate Welfare Programme. It is a comprehensive and innovative package of flexible benefits, consisting of many services, payment plans and partnership agreements which be easily accessed online through a dedicated web portal.

The Wellfran flexible benefit programme covers the following areas:


To cope with school or family expenses, you can ask for incurred costs to be reimbursed in just a few clicks: boarding school fees for younger children as well as university studies, and other expenses for older family members, will no longer be a problem. 



The loan service makes it easy for you to claim for reimbursement of a proportion of the interest payments on loans such as those to buy, build or renovate your home.


The supplementary pension fund offers added security and our employees can use this service to put their bonus in their chosen fund.

Sport, culture and leisure

We cover all aspects of lifestyle in providing many activities to enhance your life and make it easier; there are over 2000 partner facilities across the country to choose from.


Indulge your passions and treat yourself to some relaxing time off on a weekend break, a romantic get-away, a wellness package or a sports course.

Travel and gift boxes

We offer a wide range of gift boxes and cards, from petrol vouchers to shopping cards, so that you can choose from the best brands on the market.

Work-life balance

Balancing work commitments and private life has never been so easy. The Wellfran portal provides a host of services to solve all day-to-day problems, from home maintenance to filling in your tax return.

Other welfare benefits

  • Employees’ performance-related pay can be converted partly or fully into goods and welfare services: this can provide tax and social security benefits, guaranteed by law, and a bonus of up to 10% offered by the company. 
  • Gefran employees can also make use of a Medical Costs Support Fund and paid leave for medical appointments.
  • Mothers returning from maternity leave are guaranteed part-time work - if they wish to - until their child is two years old.
  • And not forgetting, there is safety at work and its associated training. This is an essential part of protecting the wellbeing of those who work day-to-day for our company.
  • And finally company catering: as well as the subsidised cost of lunch, which for employees means a complete meal for no more than the cost of a cappuccin, we must also emphasise the importance we place on using organic produce grown in Italy, in seasonal menus that follow the rules of the “five colour” diet.