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  • High customization
  • Integrate different types of inputs/ outputs
  • Up to 40 total channels
  • DIN rail mount or plate


The main characteristic of the module is that it is assembled according to user requirements, combining different type inputs and outputs on the same card, in the quantities required.
In this way they adapt perfectly to the requirements of the machine or system to be controlled.
The modules can be prepared for assembly on DIN runner or plate, according to requirements.

The remote input and output module (I/O) allows:
• acquisition of multiple information for the appliances controlled and from the environment, via signals and sensors;
• control and regulate appliances through different types of signals and commands.

The modules are available in different models and can manage up to a total of 40 channels (inputs and outputs) each, with the following limits type (see ordering codes):
• digital inputs: 24 max;
• fast digital inputs (meters): 6 max;
• digital outputs: 16 max in total (outputs 0.5 A: 16 max;
• outputs 2 A: 16 max; relay outputs: 8 max);
• PWM outputs: 8 max;
• Temperature inputs (thermocouples, thermo resistance PT100, thermo resistance PT1000): 10 max in total;
• analogue inputs (power input ±10 V, current input 0/4…20 mA, extensometer input, potentiometer input): 8 max in total;
• analogue outputs (power outputs ±10 V, current outputs 0/4…20 mA): 8 max in total.


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