GTF series TÜV certification


The new range of Gefran GTF series power controllers, which was recently brought to market, has been enhanced by TÜV certification (certificate no. Z1 12 09 82471 001).

The products were tested on a voluntary basis and have been held suitable by the prestigious Certifying Agency, in accordance with EN 61010-1:2011 and EN 60947-4-3/A2:2011 standards and in conjunction with EN 60947-1/A1:2011 standards.

TÜV certification confirms the validity and reliability of the tests performed by Gefran to self-certify its products for CE marking.

GTF series models are highly advanced power controllers offering a high degree of flexibility in terms of application and functions, based on an entirely software configuration logic.

GTF controllers are able to integrate with advanced control architectures and automation controllers, as well as supervision and diagnostic devices, thanks to RS 485 Modbus serial line communication.


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