GFW The evolution of modular power controllers

07 de Dezembro de 2011


Gefran launches the new GFW adv: more than a regulator or a static one-two-three-phase power controller.
GFW adv represents the integration of these functions in a modular mechanical, compact, optimised solution, able to handle any type of electric heating in a wide range of possible applications and markets.

The innovative PID controller option, the electronic fuse, the availability of various Fieldbuses and simplified configuration from a PC, place GFW at the top of power controller ranges. 

Current ranges from 40A to 250A, with a voltage range from 90Vac to 600Vac.

Control input is configurable and accepts a 0-10V, 0/4-20mA, potentiometers, logic signals even with PWM mode for "cost effective" solutions.

Powerful and innovative algorithms such as "Smart Load Management" and "Dynamic System Control" enable for multiple load management to be optimised, limiting peaks of power upon switching on machinery, managing maximum supplied power, optimising the "power factor" during full operation with a "Dynamic Master" automatic and "fail-safe" type of control.

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