End User

Gefran has invested heavily in technological specialization and in business presence on local markets, to bring the factory closer to final users, based on a philosophy of smart production and customization.

With its global distribution network, Gefran is always close to its customers, helping them choose the best product for every need and providing support and service in every part of the world. Find your nearest Gefran distributor!


Courses included in software packets (2 to 3 days of training), during which the operating conditions of automation platforms and inverters are recreated so that the customer can use and design them independently.

Customers who have purchased them can choose the course formats based on their individual needs.

Visit the Gefran Academy page for more information on organized courses.

Case histories for End User

Kunststoffen - OEM, System Integrator, End User
ICMA San Giorgio

ICMA San Giorgio

Gefran is one of ICMA San Giorgio’s partners in the construction of an extrusion system equipped with corotating twin-screw extruder installed at a large test laboratory near Detroit. Gefran’s added value: connectivity, remoting service, and a complete range of automation components.

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