3 mei 2012

Innovate. This word has always meant a lot to Gefran, in the strictest meaning of the term "to make new". Product, market, application. That's why Gefran will present numerous innovations in the next edition of Plast.

IMPACT, representing the state of the art in high temperature pressure transmitters, is Gefran’s innovative sensor designed with patented, fluid-free technology, compliant with the RoHS Directive, and implements the European standard EN1114-1 related to the security requirements for extruders.

 Gefran has also improved the already proven technology of thick film deposited on steel with the new industrial pressure transducer "KS".

 With the trade mark ONDA, exclusive technological solution for magnetostrictive pressure transducers, Gefran optimized the structure of the magnetostrictive primary element, cutting down space and consumption.

In addition, Gefran offers a catalog of innovative power controllers designed exclusively for the control of IR lamps, an increasingly used technology. Thanks to the Soft Start feature, the Gefran GFX4IR allows an extension of the lamps life by avoiding the thermal shocks.

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Gefran Talent Academy

We have an ongoing commitment to help our talent reach their full potential. This is why we have created FLY, Gefran’s Talent Academy. The aim of FLY is to build the company of tomorrow by creating value for the Group and its people today.