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Visión general

The measuring-lance ML1018 is inserted into a borehole in a tie bar and then preloaded to measure the strain at the sensortip.

The 2 strain gauges in the sensor tip are then pressed so hard onto wall of the hole that friction replaces the bonding normally used to fix strain gauges.

The strain gauge is protected.

The sensor can not be overloaded.

There is no easier and faster way to fix strain gauges in deep holes.


  • Measure strain in deep holes
  • With calibrated digital amplifier
  • Quick and easy mounting with torque-wrench
  • High linearity on tension and compression
  • For dynamic applications
  • Used in injection moulding and die-casting machines or any cylinder
  • Very high accuracy (like bonded strain gauges)
  • Protected against overload


General Overview
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