GFX Válvulas

Características principales y visión de conjunto

Visión general

Rear panel microprocessor instrument for 3-way motorized valves.

The main input for the for the variable to be adjusted is universal, and gives the possibility of connecting various signal types: thermocouples, resistance thermometers, thermistors, linear inputs and potentiometer, all with possibility of custom linearization.

A second isolated auxiliary analog input is available, with fully configurable functions for linear signals or input from potentiometer for valve position.

Specific parameters are present for the valve control, such as actuator stroke time, minimum movement time, movement trip setpoint, dead zone.

You can also select function type, with or without potentiometer, and with PID or PD algorithm.


Ideal para el control de válvulas ABRIR-CERRAR, con o sin retroacción desde potenciómetro


General Overview
GFX Valves datasheet
CANopen installation and operation manual
HW - Installation and Operation Manual
SW - Programming and Configuration
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