23 de noviembre de 2014

Gefran launches its new compact control system for laboratory extrusion and compounding: ready to use, completely programmable, and with advanced functions already built in.

Plastic extrusion demands flexibility, precision, and efficiency. Gefran’s new eXtru+ control system controls, displays, and manages the entire process with extreme simplicity and efficiency.

The system also satisfies the growing demand for efficient temperature control in machine automation. The saving and energy management efficiency functions, linked to a correct operating strategy in temperature control zones at start and during hold, integrate perfectly with extremely sophisticated diagnostics and the ability to “remote” the system via a variety of services accessible on the Ethernet port.

System flexibility is assured by an open and standard communication protocol (such as CANopen), which lets you integrate products by other companies. In addition, you can partially or completely modify the application supplied with the system. Precise control, especially temperature control, is guaranteed by the powerful PLC that manages all of the control loops, motor synchronization, alarms, and melt pressure, storing all the alarms and data for quality control. Lastly, a luminous 7” (wide screen) display and excellent graphics make the system user-friendly.

The application software supplied with the system, based on standard programming language [IEC61131-3], has been completely checked, tested, and documented. It covers all typical extruder needs, and its graphics and PLC code can be customized if necessary. Time to market is extremely short, and customizations are quick and easy.

eXtru+ is a complete extrusion solution with all the know-how of an industry leader like Gefran.

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