Gefran now offers its customers another service: download 3D models of Gefran sensors

June 06, 2008
In constant contact with its customers when creating and designing applications, Gefran now satisfies their specific needs by providing a new, extremely useful and effective tool.

By downloading 3D models of Gefran sensors from our website, our customers can quickly and immediately integrate a Gefran sensor in any automation design. This service saves a great deal of time and guarantees an accurate design.

Created with Solidworks, the models can be downloaded in Edrawings (3D), Iges (3D), Solidworks 2007 (3D), Step (3D), and Autocad (2D) formats, and are compatible with principal CAD systems



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Gefran has its customers at heart and works hard to support them, helping them keep their systems efficient, achieve maximum output, and obtain a complete return on investment at every stage of the life cycle of its products and solutions.