February 23, 2015

Gefran’s Xtra power controllers are the only controllers with an innovative function that protects the system and power junctions in the device against intermittent overcurrents and short-circuits, thereby eliminating the need for extra-rapid fuses or circuit breakers.

The short-circuit protection function is the result of intense R&D at Gefran’s laboratories, and has recently been granted an international patent.

Xtra series devices react to sudden overloads in the controlled load by immediately tripping the solid-state power switch and going into a safe holding state. The energy developed by a short-circuit is minimized to prevent faults or hazardous stress on the circuit connected to the load. The system is ready to restore power immediately when the fault has been cleared.

The controllers can be reset with a button on the controller or with a command transmitted via Fieldbus, or can be set to restore power automatically, with the soft-start ramp, when the internal current sensing circuit detects that the short-circuit has been cleared (for example, with current spikes linked to momentary electric arcs.)

The Xtra series provides several advantages:

  • Elimination of stocks of various extra-rapid fuses used as spare parts (each with a specific I2t value)
  • System restart at any time without specialized personnel
  • Resetting without opening the device or the electrical panel
  • Smaller control junction, to be matched with specific circuit breakers. 
  • Drastic reduction of machine downtime (approaching zero if due to momentary electric arcs)
  • Protection of solid-state controller with unlimited number of resettings
  • Protection of process material and work cycle

Xtra series controllers provide immediate advantages in applications such as industrial ovens (vacuum and high-temperature), heat treatments, float lines for glass production, hot-blade cutting systems, and vacuum metalizing lines.

The patented protection function is available in the GTF Xtra line, with currents up to 60 Amps, and in the GFW Xtra line in mono/2/3-phase configurations, up to 100 Amps per phase.

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