June 08, 2012

Gefran launches its new line of AXV300 modular drives, the result of know-how gained from over 30 years of work with the largest industrial automation companies.

Engineered with extremely compact mechanical solutions to optimize the dimensions of on- and off-board panels, AXV300 offers maximum performance for control of brushless and asynchronous motors on production lines that demand high dynamics, precision, and rapid work sequences.

Power supply via common DC bus for each multiaxis system guarantees Gefran’s clean power formula thanks to the use of Active Front End technology, which further increases dynamic performance while saving energy by regenerating it to the grid, thereby preventing waste on breaking resistance.

A modular and structurally excellent range of axes offers a wide choice of power levels (up to 110 kW) thanks to a selection of 7 mechanical sizes that include rated currents from 5A to 200A both for the motor modules and for the line of AC/DC or Regenerative power supplies.

AXV300 employs advanced applications based on positioning and interpolation systems, structured in standard IEC61131-3 programming environments.

In addition, communication with Ethernet or Can networks allows total integration in most common PLC system architectures.

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Gefran has its customers at heart and works hard to support them, helping them keep their systems efficient, achieve maximum output, and obtain a complete return on investment at every stage of the life cycle of its products and solutions.