PCIR 101-102

Main features & Overview


The signal conditioner with 0...10 Vdc (PCIR 101) or 4...20 mA (PCIR 102) output for displacement transducers are manufactured with a single SMD circuit with high stability electronics components that grant a very good linearity and thermal stability.

The circuit is integrated in a 4-pole connector, with the possibility to adjust the trimmers of zero and span.

It is possible to rotate the internal part of the connector by 90° steps, allowing the installation of the conditioner on the transducer in four different directions.


  • Interface module integrated in the connector
  • Standard output 0...10 Vdc (PCIR 101)
  • Standard output 4...20 mA (PCIR 102)
  • High linearity
  • Low zero and span thermal drift
  • Adjustable Zero and Span


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PCIR101-102 datasheet