The GFX4-ETH2 module installs inside GFX4/GFXTERMO4/GFX4-IR products and expands communication by providing EtherCAT protocol.

The module has two communication channels:

  • Ethernet: 2 ports for IN/OUT connections
  • Modbus Master: allows communication with a maximum of 20 Slave devices.

Installation of the expansion can be requested when ordering the products or the expansion can be installed later.


  • The GFX4-ETH2 card CANNOT be inserted in GFX4 / GFXTERMO4 / GFX4-IR products equipped with the 4 auxiliary inputs option (mV/TC Aux).
  • To set the 3 Rotary-Switches for addressing, you have to unscrew the fastening screw on the side cover of the GFX4 / GFXTERMO4 / GFX4-IR and temporarily remove the cover from the product.


  • EtherCAT slave- Modbus RTU Master
  • Baud rate 100 Base-TX
  • Auto-Crossover
  • Internal installation

Downloads for EtherCAT

Gefran product range brochure
GFX4/GFXTERMO4-EtherCAT datasheet
Installation and operation manual (Ethercat)
Installation and operation manual for GFW (Ethercat)
EDS Configuration file for GFW
EDS Configuration file for GFX4-IR
EDS Configuration file for GFX4/GFXTERMO4