How can you save money in the lift sector?

Energy saving is a critical issue in the lift sector. Reducing the energy used on production lines means containing operating costs and safeguarding the environment.

Gefran’s new inverters with integrated Active Front End (AFE) technology can save you more than 50% compared to a system controlled by a traditional drive. Don’t wait: save energy. Choose Gefran inverters!

According to ANIE (National Federation of Electrotechnical and Electronic Companies) data, industry consumes over 50% of the total energy generated in Italy every year. Of this, 75% is used to drive electric motors, which have become indispensable for all types of movement.

The benefits from using energy-efficient technologies are obvious: lower environmental impact and, above all, lower costs for companies and the entire energy system.

Gefran’s innovative solutions

By analyzing the real needs of operators, and with constant technical collaboration with system integrators and lift system builders, Gefran has created innovative systems for optimization and higher energy efficiency in the civil lift sector.

Gefran applied its energy-management know-how to design and build the AVRy series of inverters, with state-of-the-art technology for the civil lift sector.
These inverters have latest-generation technology: the integrated Active Front End (AFE) regenerative power supply, with CE certification for low-voltage devices and UL-cUL certification for conformity to directives for the American and Canadian markets.

Save energy by generating energy!

Save by generating energy? Yes!
With Gefran’s AVRy inverters, car inertias, whose energy is normally dissipated on a heating element (and therefore wasted as heat), are managed by generating clean energy. The THD - Total Harmonic Distortion – of these inverters is less than 5% and the power factor (cosphi) approaches one.

All of the energy generated by the vertical movement of the car mass and its load is recovered and returned to the power supply, and can therefore be used for other purposes.

This means you can save more than 50% compared to a system controlled by a traditional drive.


Maximum performance, safety and comfort

But there’s more: in addition to considerable savings on system operation, the AVRy series guarantees the highest performance in terms of dynamics and comfort and combines complex, advanced functions with very simple operation. It can be used with:

  • terminal box
  • user-friendly keypad
  • PC program (standard supply) and RS485 serial line
  • field bus connection (optional): PROFIBUS-DP, CANopen or DeviceNet.

Choose regenerative inverters and save up to 90%. In addition, CO2 emissions will drop as much as 6000 kg/year, and you will quickly amortize your investment!