Nowadays, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to interpret and control process variables precisely. Drawing on the know-how acquired over forty years in the industrial sector, Gefran offers an extensive range of technological devices capable of satisfying a wide variety of production needs.

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Application Notes for Other

Def controllori di potenza per sterilizzazione di alimenti

Multifunction PID controllers for sterilization of canned food

All the advantages of using multifunctional power controllers to check the food process that is subject to the food authority control. The batch record data should be stored in encrypted form.

Complete control of a thermal fluid heater with multifunction PID controller

How the 3850T regulator in the diathermic fluid generator allows to control PID, safety interlocks, system logic and remote access for monitoring diathermic fluid generators.

Def control of a thermal fluid heater
Def cleam steam generator

Dual PID process controller for control system of a steam generator

All the advantages of using the dual PID regulator in the pure and clean steam generator.

PID controllers integrated in the adsorption air purification processes

How in adsorption processes the 2850T multifunction controller allows to perform encrypted recording of critical process data, interlocks and plant sequences.

Def post combustion air treatment

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