For over 50 years, Gefran has specialized in the design and production of drives and control applications, such as sensors, installable on metal working machines. Gefran is one of the few players in the metal sector that can offer a complete package in terms of product lines and control technologies.

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Application Notes for Metal

Application note sensor metal bending machine

Position sensor for bending machine

How to check in real time and with excellent resolution the radius of curvature impressed by the two lower rollers, driven by hydraulic cylinders, of a bending machine.

Position sensor in a cold-chamber die casting machine

How to monitor the main process variables in a cold chamber die casting machine, ensuring the highest safety standards.

Application note cold chamber die casting 2 1920x908
Application note sensor metal grinding polishing

Magnetostrictive position sensor for grinder machine and polishing machine

How to achieve 0.1mm repeatability and controll the position of abrasive heads in the workstations of a grinder machine or polisher machine 

Magnetostrictives position sensor in hot forging press

How to monitor and control your hot forging press with the WRA-A magnetostrictive position sensor and the KS pressure position sensor

Application note sensor metal hot forging press
Application note sensor metal hydraulic vertical press

Magnetostrictives position sensor for hydraulic vertical press

How to achieve repeatable and precise control of the movement and the compressive force of the upper mold in the vertical hydraulic press.

Articles for Metal

Automation and control technologies for electric motors

The best automation and control technologies for electric motors: these are the demands of the metal sector, one of the biggest energy consumers on the entire industrial scene.

Gefran provides this sector with engineering know-how, proposing drives to control AC and brushless motors as well as armature converters for DC motors.


The trend in industrial networks and the automation market

Communication in industrial automation is now the real strategic tool for increasing a company’s productivity and efficiency because it provides an effective way to transmit quality data between different automation systems, to control machines and synchronization, monitor production lines, etc.

How was this achieved? And what will tomorrow’s trends be?

Case Histories for Metal

Metal - OEM, System Integrator, End User
SAG - Slitter and cut-to-length lines

SAG - Slitter and cut-to-length lines

SAG uses roll forming machines with flying shear system.
The production speed creates various design problems regarding mechanics and movement control. Gefran studied for SAG a highly dynamic control system.

Metal - OEM
Faccin - Plate rolls

Faccin - Plate rolls

For over 60 years, Faccin has been the leading manufacturer of plate rolls, angle rolls, and production lines for dome ends. In the metal plate rolling process, it is extremely important to control the main process parameters, such as roll position and oil pressure and temperature. Gefran is Faccin’s ideal partner because it offers a complete range of sensors, from position to temperature, to satisfy the customer’s needs.

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